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Expert Management Training offers you a variety of short, flexible, practical & easy to learn online Professional Management Courses that can help you boost your career. Each course is packed with all the knowledge of the specific subject in the most simple and compact manner, enhancing your learning experience. Study business management online at your convenience. All you need is just 10-15 hours to specialize in a management subject of your choice. We also strive to keep the language of our courses as simple as possible in order to enhance understanding of the subjects. Acquire superior quality knowledge and learning.

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I am just an undergraduate degree holder, but the Specialized Certification in Finance Management has helped me gain in-depth knowledge about finance and accounting. It prepared for my interview at Ace Wealth Management Co. and I got the job!
Ahmed Khan

Finance Executive, Ace Wealth Management Co.

Recently I got promoted from Executive to Assistant Manager position. This website offers the best management courses online! After my course, I could confidently apply for a higher position & prove my eligibility for the position.

Paula Johnson

Asst. HR Manager, Focus HR Solutions

It is so easy to gain a professional certification with Expert Management Training. My certification allowed me to get shortlisted at Gilbert & Associates Co. besides having no previous work experience in Operations Management.

Steve Mathews

Trainee, Gilbert & Associates Co.


Specialized Certification in Marketing Management

Specialized Certification in Marketing Management (SCMM)

The Specialized Certification in Marketing Management course takes you through the absolute basics of marketing to an intermediate level of expertise. Begin by understanding market environments and consumer behaviors and prepare an appropriate marketing mix; develop marketing plans and finally audit and control the efficiency of your marketing plans. Know the difference between marketing for products and services. Moreover, get familiar with the latest trends in marketing and managing marketing information.

Specialized Certification in Human Resource Management

Specialized Certification in Human Resource Management (SCHRM)

The Specialized Certification in Human Resource Management course offers you a 360o degree learning about Human Resources Management; right from analyzing the HR requirement in your organization to the processes of recruitment, selection and placement; from training and development to performance appraisal and all other HRM activities such performance appraisals and employee compensation. Finally, identify different challenges in HR management and methods of HR audit and control.

Specialized Certification in Operations Management

Specialized Certification in Operations Management (SCOM)

The Specialized Certification in Operations Management course offers you extensive learning about production and all relevant concepts. It also covers all the important branches of management within operations management such as materials management, logistics and supply chain management, inventory management, quality management and maintenance management.

Specialized Certification in Financial Management

Specialized Certification in Financial Management (SCFM)

The Specialized Certification in Financial Management course will guide you through the basic concepts and principles of financial management. It will then familiarize you with the financial markets, instruments and institutions. You will learn in detail the different sources of business finance. Most importantly, you will be extensively trained on financial planning and forecasting, writing detailed financial plans, preparing financial statements, analyzing financial performances through ratio analysis, and developing financial budgets. Finally, you will touch base for working capital management and its different sub-branches.

Specialized Certification in Business Communication

Specialized Certification in Business Communication (SCBC)

The Specialized Certification in Business Communication course offers a comprehensive understanding of fundamentals, processes, guidelines and best practices of effective communication. Learn about business writing in-depth, from letters to emails, and writing professional business reports for presenting to superiors and business management. Next, understand how to hold effective meetings and the preparations required before and after meetings. Sharpen your presentation skills and conduct impressive presentations that are well designed to leave a lasting impact. The course further teaches about embracing cultural differences and communicating effectively with audiences across cultures while overcoming barriers. Finally, learn how communication works between different departments, levels of an organization, and understand about conflict management.

Specialized Certification in International Business

Specialized Certification in International Business (SCIB)

The Specialized Certification in International Business course will take you through the ABCs of conducting business in foreign markets. Learn about the impact of globalization, importance of international business and different organizational models. Next, you will learn how to enter a foreign market, along with its challenges and ways to overcome those challenges. Then you will gain expertise in international trading strategies, for import and export. Furthermore, understand how international marketing is different from marketing for local markets, and develop a marketing mix for foreign markets. Finally, get a 360 degrees perspective into the world of international finance and economics – monetary and fiscal policies, RTAs, financial markets like FOREX, credit / bond markets, etc. We will also talk about one of the most important topic in this subject, i.e. Foreign Direct Investments.

Specialized Certification in Entrepreneurship

Specialized Certification in Entrepreneurship (SCE)

The Specialized Certification in Entrepreneurship course offers 360-degree learning for professionally building and managing your business start-up. Initiate your journey with the fundamental learning of entrepreneurship and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. You will write a comprehensive business plan based on the viable business ideas selected during the ideation process. Next, you will learn the different types of business start-up strategies and business revenue models, and match what suits best for your prospective business. Once the start-up basics are covered, you will learn how to professionally manage your business and all its functions – marketing, finance, human resources and operations.

Specialized Certification in Business Leadership

Specialized Certification in Business Leadership (SCBL)

The Specialized Certification in Business Leadership course offers basic to intermediate level of understanding about leadership and all its related fundamentals. Learn to evaluate and analyze the behavior of people and effectively communicate as a leader to influence them to act in the interest of the business. Next, understand the process of building a team, coaching and mentoring team members, and managing the performance of the team as a whole. Learn the most essential skills required by managers and leaders; problem-solving and decision-making that have a substantial impact on the business. Finally, know how to initiate and lead the change as smoothly as possible through change management.

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