Specialized Certification in Business Communication (SCBC)

The SCBC course is targeted to improve your communication skills and train you on how to communicate effectively & professionally in the business environment. The course offers clear guideline & best practices for different forms of communication and when communicating across various media. Leave a lasting impression & impact with your enhanced communication skills developed through this simple & short course.

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Interactive + eBook

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10-15 Hours


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56 Topics



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Specialized Certification in Business Communication

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Course Description

Specialized Certification in Business Communication Online Course

“Communication works for those who work at it.” – (by John Powell)

Communication is all about interactions, exchanging of thoughts and ideas, and passing across the message. Effective communication is about transmitting the message, and ensuring that it is well received, understood and has achieved its purpose. The importance of clear communication cannot be undermined, be it communication with internal parties or external parties. It is paramount to the success of any organization.

Effective communication skills are imperative for managers and leaders, in ensuring that they are able to create and leave an impact on the audiences. A great deal of the success of accomplished managers and leaders can be attributed to their communication skills. Communication could be through any mode or media, but maintain its effectiveness is important. While most people take communication skills for granted and believe that they are good at it, there is always room for improvement. This business communication online course imparts you with the knowledge and skills to effectively communicate for best business & personal results.

The Specialized Certification in Business Communication course offers a comprehensive understanding of fundamentals, processes, guidelines and best practices of effective communication. Learn about business writing in-depth, from letters to emails, and writing professional business reports for presenting to superiors and business management. Next, understand how to hold effective meetings and the preparations required before and after meetings. Sharpen your presentation skills and conduct impressive presentations that are well designed to leave a lasting impact. The course further teaches about embracing cultural differences and communicating effectively with audiences across cultures while overcoming barriers. Finally, learn how communication works between different departments, levels of an organization, and understand about conflict management.

By the end of this Business Communication online course, you will be able to confidently and effectively communicate in your work environment.

Learning Outcomes


Learn the importance, fundamentals and processes of effective communication


Master business writing skills with AIDA principles, writing etiquettes and best practices


Write well-formatted and professional business letters


Get familiar with business email components, structure and guidelines


Become proficient in writing clear business reports for best analysis and decision-making


Conduct effective business meetings with comprehensive arrangements


Gain expertise in business presentation skills for leaving an impact on your audiences


Identify the guidelines and best practices for holding effective telephonic business conversations


Understand cross-cultural communication by learning about cultures and overcoming barriers


Professionally manage organizational communication with different parties and learn conflict management


Course Syllabus

Specialized Certification in Business Communication Online Course

I. Introduction to Business Communication

a. Definition of Communication

b. Fundamentals of Business Communication

I. What is Business Communication?

II. Importance of Business Communication

III. Objectives of Business Communication

IV. Direction / Flow of Communication

c. Modes and Types of Business Communication

I. Modes of Business Communication

– Written Communication

– Oral Communication

II. Types of Business Communication

– Formal Communication

– Informal Communication

III. Internal Communication

IV. External Communication

d. Business Communication Process

I. Steps in Communication Process

II. Barriers in Communication Process

e. Principles of Effective Business Communication

I. Difference between Communication and Effective Communication

II. Six C’s of Effective Communication

II. Business Writing I

a. Fundamentals of Business Writing

b. Written Communication – Advantages and Disadvantages

c. Types of Written Business Communication

d. Effective Business Writing Process

I. Steps in Writing Communication

II. AIDA Principle

e. Etiquettes in Written Business Communication

f. Best Practices in Written Business Communication

III. Business Writing II

a. Writing Effective Business Letters

I. Types of Business Letters

II. Business Letter Writing Process

– Business Letter Formatting

– Parts of a Business Letters

III. Samples of Business Letters

IV. Guidelines for Writing Effective Business Letters

b. Writing Effective Business Emails

I. Importance of Emails in Business Communication

II. Components of Business Email

III. Structure of Email Message

IV. Features of Effective Business Email

V. Guidelines for Writing Effective Business Emails

c. Effective Report Writing

I. What is Report Writing?

II. Types of Business Reports

III. Business Report Writing Process

IV. Sections of Business Reports

V. Guidelines for Effective Report Writing

IV. Business Meetings

a. Defining Meeting Objectives

b. Types of Business Meetings

c. Pre-Meeting Arrangements

I. Meeting Invitations

II. Meeting Agenda

– Setting Meeting Agenda

– Meeting Agenda Format

III. Other Preparations

d. Guidelines for Effective Business Meetings

e. Post-Meeting Arrangements

I. Minutes of Meetings

II. Follow-Ups

V. Business Presentations

a. Planning for Business Presentations

I. Objectives / Purpose of Presentations

II. Presentation Attendees / Target Audience

III. Message / Content of Presentation

b. Preparations for Business Presentations

c. Business Presentation Structure

I. Opening / Introduction

II. Content Delivery / Core Message

III. Closing / Q&As / Feedback

d. Designing Effective Business Presentations

I. Visuals / Graphics / Images Content

II. Text Content

III. Effective Presentation Skills

e. Guidelines for Effective Business Presentations

VI. Telephonic Business Communication

a. Importance of Telephonic Business Communication

b. Telephonic Business Communication – Advantages and Disadvantages

c. Guidelines for Effective Telephonic Business Communication

d. Modern Technology in Telephonic Business Communication

I. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

II. Instant Messaging

VII. Cross-Cultural Communication

a. Culture and Cultural Differences

b. Importance of Cross-Cultural Communication

c. Barriers in Cross-Cultural Communication

d. Overcoming Cultural Differences

e. Guidelines for Effective Cross-Cultural Communication

VIII. Organizational Business Communication

a. Difference in Communication with Different Parties

I. Communication with Superiors

II. Communication with Colleagues

III. Communication with Sub-ordinates

IV. Communication with Clients and Vendors

b. Organizational Culture and Communication

c. Conflict Management

d. Best Practices in Organizational Business Communication

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Career Options

Effective Business Communication skills are required for all role profiles where people management is required, mainly – assistant managers, managers, senior managers, team leaders, general managers, executive management officials such as CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), CTO (Chief Technical Officer) and COO (Chief Operating Officer).

Effective Communication skills are not only required by managers but also useful for most roles where interaction between departments and other members of the organization is required. Therefore, it could also be a useful skill for sales executives, sales supervisors, sales coordinators, assistant sales managers, sales managers and senior sales managers, for closing on more sales opportunities and developing business. The marketing department has a great extent of role in communication about the organization, brand and products / services to its target audience, i.e. marketing communication and PR. Therefore, effective communication is extremely important for marketing executives, marketing supervisors, marketing coordinators, assistant marketing managers, marketing managers and senior marketing managers.

Finally, communication skills are imperative for rising above on the organizational ladder and reaching a managerial position. Employees with effective communication skills have far more chances of promotion and career growth versus those who do not possess these skills. It has been noted in many cases, that people with effective communication skills have grown and progressed faster in their career versus even people with superior qualifications.

Study Material

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Specialized Certification in Business Communication eBook

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Enjoy new age interactive learning developed using state-of-the-art technologies. Browse lessons & topics explained through videos, animations, graphics & lecture voice overs. Now learning is interesting, fun & easy!

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