Specialized Certification in Business Leadership (SCBL)

The SCBL course will train you on the most important skill that any effective business manager is expected to have – ‘Leadership Skill‘. A powerful business leader is the greatest propelling force in the success of any organization. Master the art & science of leadership to derive superior performance & results. This course will help you in understanding people’s behavior & ways in which you can influence their actions. Learn various leadership styles & gain inspiration from the success mantra of world leaders!

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Specialized Certification in Business Leadership

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Course Description

Specialized Certification in Business Leadership Online Course

‘Leadership’ can be perceived as a skill, a quality, a process, a science, or an art! Business leadership is all about gaining confidence of the people and having them to behave in a certain manner, which is beneficial to the organization. An effective manager is one who possesses great leadership skills and is capable of getting employees to willfully perform their duties and responsibilities with maximum productivity and efficiency.

The study of leadership is closely related to psychology, as the leader deeply influences the minds of his / her followers through effective communication and inspiring actions. This course offers great variety and detail in leadership styles and theories recommended by scholars and successful business leaders, which serve as a benchmark for you to adapt and develop your unique style of leadership. You will also gain inspiration from world leaders and politicians who managed to drive millions of people in the direction they determined. Learn not just how to lead a group of people but also how to develop their loyalty towards you as a leader.

Over the past two decades, organizations across the globe have learnt the importance of leadership and its’ value addition to business management. A business leader holds the great responsibility of leading the business towards established goals and ensuring collective growth and development of the organization, along with its’ people. This business leadership online course imparts you with the knowledge and skills to effectively lead a business.

The Specialized Certification in Business Leadership course offers basic to intermediate level of understanding about leadership and all its related fundamentals. Learn to evaluate and analyze the behavior of people and effectively communicate as a leader to influence them to act in the interest of the business. Next, understand the process of building a team, coaching and mentoring team members, and managing the performance of the team as a whole. Learn the most essential skills required by managers and leaders; problem-solving and decision-making that have a substantial impact on the business. Finally, know how to initiate and lead the change as smoothly as possible through change management.

By the end of this Business Leadership online course, you will be prepared to become a confident and competent leader in your work environment.

Learning Outcomes


Learn leadership fundamentals and it’s role and importance in the business environment


List down the leadership traits, characteristics and qualities


Discover the relationship between leadership and effective communication


Get inspired by various leadership styles and theories advocated by scholars around the world


Understand the relationship between leadership and management


Gain expertise in leading people while in process of building and managing teams


Master the skill of coaching and mentoring sub-ordinates


Become proficient in problem-solving and decision-making as a manager


Lead the change through tackling resistance and adapting change management techniques


Identify the need for moral and ethical leadership with due to importance to emotions


Course Syllabus

Specialized Certification in Business Leadership Online Course

I. Introduction to Business Leadership

a. Definition of Leadership

b. Essence of Leadership

c. Leadership as a Process

d. Role and Importance of Leadership

e. Crucial Roles of a Business Leader

f. Leadership Skill – Innate or Acquired?

g. Steps in Leadership Process

II. Leadership Traits and Qualities

a. Top 50 Characteristics of a Leader

b. Key Qualities of a Successful Leader

III. Leadership and Communication

a. Elements in Communication

b. Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

c. Effective Business Communication

d. Principles of Effective Leadership Communication

IV. Leadership Styles and Theories

a. Leadership Theories

I. Great Man Leadership Theory

II. Trait Leadership Theory

III. Behavioural Leadership Theories

IV. Participative Leadership Theory

– Lewin’s Leadership Styles

– Likert’s Leadership Styles

V. Skill-Based Leadership Theory

VI. Situational Leadership Theory

– Hersey and Blanchard’s Model

– Vroom and Yetton’s Normative Leadership Model

– Path-Goal Leadership Theory

VII. Contingency Leadership Theory

– Fiedler’s Least Preferred Co-worker (LPC) Theory

– Cognitive Resource Theory

– Strategic Contingencies Theory

VIII. Transactional Leadership Theory

IX. Transformational Leadership Theory

– Bass’ Transformational Leadership Theory

– Burns’ Transformational Leadership Theory

– Kouzes and Posner’s Leadership Participation Theory

X. Team Leadership Theory

b. Leadership Styles

– Authoritarian Leadership Style

– Authoritative Leadership Style

– Bureaucratic Leadership Style 

– Charismatic Leadership Style

– Coaching Leadership Style

– Cross-Cultural Leadership Style

– Democratic Leadership Style

– Emergent Leadership Style

– Facilitative Leadership Style

– Influence Leadership Style

– Laissez-Faire Leadership Style

– Participative Leadership Style

– Paternalistic Leadership Style

– Primal Leadership Style

– Servant Leadership Style

– Situational Leadership Style

– Strategic Leadership Style

– Transactional Leadership Style

– Transformational Leadership Style

– Visionary Leadership Style

V. Leadership and Management

a. Leading V/S Managing

b. Leaders V/S Bosses

c. Leadership for Managers

d. Key Concepts in Leadership and Management

I. Authority and Responsibility

II. Behavioural Management

III. Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

IV. McGregor Theory X and Theory Y

VI. Managing Teams and Groups

a. Team Building Blocks and Processes

b. PIPCO Fundamentals of Effective Teams

c. Team Leader – Facilitator, Mediator and Negotiator

d. Managing Cultural Diversities

e. Co-operative Conflict Management

f. Improving Productivity

VII. Coaching and Mentoring

a. Leader’s Role as a Coach / Mentor

b. Training and Knowledge Sharing

c. Influencing and Inspiring

d. Motivational Theories

I. Taylor Theory

II. Mayo Theory

III. Maslow Theory

IV. Herzberg Theory

VIII. Problem Solving and Decision Making

a. Problem Solving

I. Steps in Problem Solving

II. Identification of Problems

III. Developing Alternatives

b. Decision Making

I. Decision Making Process

II. Debate, Discussion and Dialogue

IX. Change Management

a. Recognizing Need for Change

b. Tackling Resistance to Change

c. Preparation for Change

d. Implementation and Communication of Change

X. Ethical and Moral Leadership

a. Ethics and Values

b. Fairness and Equality

c. Maintaining Team Morale

d. Maintaining Emotional Aspects

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Career Options

Leadership skills are required for all role profiles where people management is required, mainly – assistant managers, managers, senior managers, team leaders, general managers, executive management officials such as CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), CTO (Chief Technical Officer) and COO (Chief Operating Officer).

Leadership skills are not only required by managers but also useful for most roles where interaction between departments and other members of the organization is required. The study of business leadership allows a better understanding of people’s behavior and acting accordingly to influence their behavior and persuade them for reacting in a certain way. Therefore, it could also be a useful skill for sales executives, sales supervisors, sales coordinators, assistant sales managers, sales managers and senior sales managers. Similarly, the psychological aspect of leadership learning can enhance the understanding of consumer behavior and support marketing executives, marketing supervisors, marketing coordinators, assistant marketing managers, marketing managers and senior marketing managers.

Finally, leadership skills are imperative for rising above on the organizational ladder and reaching a managerial position. Employees with leadership skills have far more chances of promotion and career growth versus those who do not possess these skills.

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