Specialized Certification in Entrepreneurship (SCE)

The SCE course is the perfect choice for aspiring entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurship online course comprehensively trains you all the way from generating a viable business idea to building a solid business plan with minute details and provide necessary knowledge about marketing, finance, operations & human resources required for successfully launching & managing your start-up.

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Interactive + eBook

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15-20 Hours

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52 Topics



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6 Months

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10 Modules


Specialized Certification in Entrepreneurship

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Course Description

Specialized Certification in Entrepreneurship Online Course

Are you aspiring to start your own business, become your own boss and ready to take new challenges? Then, entrepreneurship is all that you need to learn for professionally starting up your business from the very point of coming up with a business idea to the point of successfully running and managing your business.

A brilliant business idea is what it takes to start off a prospective business! A business idea is at the core of the whole business. This course will train you on the Ideation process, how to come up with suitable business ideas and then evaluate each idea for its business viability. Creativity and innovativeness is the essence of entrepreneurship! It makes entrepreneurship an absolute personal concept, i.e. it is unique to every entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs offer a lot of value to the economy and society as they create employment opportunities, offer products and services, contribute to the GDP of the country, and enhance the lifestyle of the people. This makes entrepreneurship also a noble concept besides personal interests and benefits. This entrepreneurship online course prepares you to be a competent businessman / businesswoman of the future.

The Specialized Certification in Entrepreneurship course offers 360-degree learning for professionally building and managing your business start-up. Initiate your journey with the fundamental learning of entrepreneurship and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. You will write a comprehensive business plan based on the viable business ideas selected during the ideation process. Next, you will learn the different types of business start-up strategies and business revenue models, and match what suits best for your prospective business. Once the start-up basics are covered, you will learn how to professionally manage your business and all its functions – marketing, finance, human resources and operations.

You will be trained on entrepreneurial finance including essential topics like how to raise capital for your business and formulate your business capital structure. We shall develop a go-to-market strategy for effectively launching your product / service to the targeted market, along with a special highlight on story-telling about your brand / business as the basis for entrepreneurial marketing. Know how to build your HR structure in the company and finding the right people for your dream team! Understand the operational aspects of managing your business, such as production, quality control, warehousing, logistics, etc.

Finally, we will prepare you mentally and emotionally to take up the challenge of entrepreneurship, through inspirational stories of successful entrepreneurs. Also, you can mitigate your risks through following our tips, best practices and recommendations.

By the end of this entrepreneurship online course, you will be imparted with complete knowledge and expertise for building your dream venture and becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Learning Outcomes


Learn fundamentals of entrepreneurship and what it takes to be an entrepreneur


Recognize the importance of entrepreneurship towards economy and society


List the challenges and myths involved around entrepreneurship


Discover the ideation process and how to build on a viable business model from an idea


Write a comprehensive business plan with all necessary components and elements


Develop business start-up strategy with a solid business revenue model


Get to know the methods of raising capital for your business startup


Identify risk factor involved in entrepreneurship and learn professional risk management


Formulate an effective go-to-market strategy to launch a product / service to the market


Learn the basics of business management with special focus on strategic management


Recognize the role and objectives of inventory management


Develop an understanding of entrepreneurial finance and build your capital structure


Touch base on entrepreneurial HR management and entrepreneurial operations management


Gain inspiration from successful entrepreneurs and learn proven tips and best practices


Course Syllabus

Specialized Certification in Entrepreneurship Online Course

I. Introduction to Entrepreneurship

a. Definition of Entrepreneurship

b. Definition of Entrepreneur

c. Characteristics and Skills required for Entrepreneurship

d. Importance of Entrepreneurship to Economy and Society

e. Entrepreneurial Process

f. Benefits of Entrepreneurship

g. Challenges of Entrepreneurship

h. Myths about Entrepreneurship

II. The Business IDEA

a. Relationship between Ideas, Problems and Opportunities

b. Ideation Process (Step by Step)

c. Screening, Evaluation and Selection of Business Ideas

d. Preliminary Viability of Business Idea

e. Study of Business Environment

f. Compatibility of Product / Service and Target Market

III. Business Plan

a. What is a Business Plan?

b. Business Planning Process

c. Importance and Purpose of Business Plan

d. Components of Business Plan

IV. Business Start-up

a. Types of Business Start-ups

b. Business Start-up Strategies

c. Types and Forms of Business Organizations

I. Sole Proprietorship

II. Partnership

III. Corporation

IV. Limited Liability Company (LLC)

V. Co-operative Society

d. Business Funding

I. Personal Funds

II. Bootstrapping

III. Debt

IV. Equity

e. Business Revenue Model

f. Risk Management

I. What is Risk?

II. What is Risk Management?

III. Types of Risks

IV. Process of Risk Management

g. Product Design and Development

h. Infrastructure and Resources

i. Go-to-Market Strategy

j. Legal Considerations and Aspects

V. Business Management

a. Definition of Business Management

b. Role of Business Management

c. Functions of Business Management

d. Difference between Entrepreneur and Manager

e. Strategic Management

I. Definition of Strategic Management

II. Levels / Hierarchy of Strategy

III. Strategic Management Process / Model

VI. Entrepreneurial Marketing Management

a. Definition of Entrepreneurial Marketing

b. Characteristics of Entrepreneurial Marketing

I. Goals and Objectives

II. Marketing Investment

III. Story Telling

c. Difference between Traditional Marketing and Entrepreneurial Marketing

d. Exclusive Access to Specialized Certification Course in Marketing Management (SCMM)

VII. Entrepreneurial Financial Management

a. Definition of Entrepreneurial Finance

b. Characteristics of Entrepreneurial Finance

c. Business Capital Structure

d. Exclusive Access to Specialized Certification Course in Financial Management (SCFM)

VIII. Entrepreneurial Human Resource Management

a. Definition of Entrepreneurial Human Resource Management

b. Fundamentals of Entrepreneurial Human Resource Management

c. Exclusive Access to Specialized Certification Course in Human Resource Management (SCHRM)

IX. Entrepreneurial Operations Management

a. Definition of Entrepreneurial Operations Management

b. Fundamentals of Entrepreneurial Operations Management

c. Exclusive Access to Specialized Certification Course in Operations Management (SCOM)

X. Entrepreneurial Concepts and Best Practices

a. Entrepreneurial Concepts

b. Entrepreneurial Best Practices

c. Entrepreneurship Tips and Recommendations

d. Entrepreneurship Inspiration

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Career Options

Learning entrepreneurship is essential for those who are aspiring to start their own business and willing to become an entrepreneur. A holistic business management knowledge is required for entrepreneurs, in addition to specialized skills and characteristics required for entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship expertise is also of great value to people working for different business organizations, as it develops them as ‘intrapreneurs’. An intrapreneur is a person who manages a company’s business as if it is their own, and one who takes the initiative of growing and developing the business along with the related responsibilities and accountability. You can be an intrapreneur at any level and doesn’t require you to be at the top management level only. It is that special characteristic which can help you climb up the organizational ladder from lower-level management to middle-level management, and so on.

The knowledge about entrepreneurship is required for all role profiles where people management is required, mainly – assistant managers, managers, senior managers, team leaders, general managers, executive management officials such as CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), CTO (Chief Technical Officer) and COO (Chief Operating Officer).

Study Material

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Specialized Certification in Entrepreneurship eBook
You can download course content in PDF format. Click on the lesson / topic of your interest to instantly access text content. Read anytime, anywhere and on any of your digital devices. You may also print the eBook.

Interactive Learning

Entrepreneurship Course Interactive Learning Screenshot
Enjoy new age interactive learning developed using state-of-the-art technologies. Browse lessons & topics explained through videos, animations, graphics & lecture voice overs. Now learning is interesting, fun & easy!

Online Reading

Operations Management Online Reading
You could simply access the text content of the course directly through the website, without having to download any files. From your dashboard, you can have complete control over your learning progress & flow.

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