Specialized Certification in Human Resource Management (SCHRM)

The SCHRM course is the most comprehensive and compact course available in the market. The course has been specially designed to provide a step-by-step learning experience for beginners, aspiring to become HR experts. Learn the ABCs of human resources management as this course develops your intellect to become a HR professional.

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Course Description

Specialized Certification in Human Resource Management Online Course

People in an organization (normally referred to as Human Resources) play the most crucial role in the success of any business. An organization may have huge capital budgets, advanced IT systems, great production facilities and various other material resources, but the most important will always remain Human Resources. Its clearly because Human Resources are the ones that activate all the other resources. A company cannot function without its people! They are the ones that drive the organization; from laying down strategies and plans at the top-level to the implementation and execution of plans at the mid and low level. Therefore, HR management is undoubtedly the most important business function. 

Just like any other investment, a company expects maximum return on investment (ROI) from its investment in Human Resources. And the HR department is the one that carries the responsibility of having the best people at the job to ensure maximum productivity, efficiency and achievement of organizational goals and objectives. There is a range of qualities and qualifications that the HR department has to define for each job; then recruit, select and appoint the most suitable people, and finally conduct the right training and induction for them so that they are prepared and ready to perform in the best possible manner and deliver results to the company.

The HR department is also responsible for creating a workplace culture and environment that allows for the smooth functioning of the business. It is also important to maintain a healthy and fruitful relationship between the organization and its employees.

Often under-estimated in the last few decades, Human Resource Management is now getting its due recognition, and most modern companies understand the importance of the HR function in the business. Hence, in today’s scenario, there is a wide range of opportunities available in HR management. This human resource management online course imparts you with the knowledge and skills to excel in your role.

The Specialized Certification in Human Resource Management course offers you a 360o degree learning about Human Resources Management; right from analyzing the HR requirement in your organization to the processes of recruitment, selection and placement; from training and development to performance appraisal and all other HRM activities such performance appraisals and employee compensation. Finally, identify different challenges in HR management and methods of HR audit and control.

By the end of this Human Resource Management online course, you will be confident and competent to work in the HR department of any organization.

Learning Outcomes


Define the role of Human Resources in a business along with its functions and activities


Learn detailed steps involved in Human Resources Planning process


Gain expertise in processes and methodologies of recruitment, selection and placement


Assess training and development needs and choose the most appropriate method


Discover various methods of employee performance measurement and appraisal


List different types of compensations, remunerations and employee benefits


Identify different reasons and types of changes in workforce composition


Recognize the use and importance of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)


Envision different challenges that might occur in Human Resource Management


Comprehend the scope and approaches of Human Resource Audit


Course Syllabus

Specialized Certification in Human Resource Management Online Course

I. Introduction to Human Resource Management
a. Definition of Human Resource Management

b. Importance of Human Resource Management

c. Responsibilities of Human Resources Department

d. Scope / Functions of Human Resource Management

e. Human Resource Activities

II. Human Resource Planning
a. Definition of Human Resource Planning

b. Elements of Human Resource Planning

c. Objectives of Human Resource Planning

d. Steps involves in Human Resource Planning

e. Meaning and Functions of Job Design

f. Definition and Components of Job Analysis

III. Recruitment, Selection and Placement
a. Definition and Concept of Recruitment

b. Importance of Recruitment

c. Sources of Recruitment

d. Definition and Concept of Selection

e. Detailed Selection Systems

f. Steps involved in Selection Process

g. Definition and Concept of Placement

IV. Training and Development
a. Introduction to Training and Development

b. Assessment of Training Needs

c. Purpose of Training and Development

d. Importance of Training and Development

e. Steps involved in Training Process

f. Types of Training

g. Training Methodologies

I. On-the-Job Training Methods
II. Off-the-Job Training Methods

h. Definition and Concept of Executive Development

i. Definition and Concept of Career Development

V. Performance Measurement and Appraisal
a. Introduction to Performance Management and Appraisal

b. Benefits of Performance Appraisal

c. Performance Appraisal Process

d. Methods of Performance Appraisal

I. Traditional Methods of Performance Appraisal
II. Modern Methods of Performance Appraisal

VI. Compensation, Remuneration and Employee Benefits
a. Introduction to Compensation, Remuneration and Employee Benefits

b. Types of Compensation, Remuneration and Employee Benefits

VII. Changes in Workforce Composition and Structure
a. Introduction to Changes in Workforce Composition and Structure

b. Types of Changes in Workforce Composition and Structure

I. Promotion
II. Demotion
III. Transfers
IV. Retirement
V. Separation

VIII. Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
a. Introduction to Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

b. Purpose of Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

c. Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Reports

IX. Challenges in Human Resource Management
a. Introduction to Challenges in Human Resource Management

b. Challenges in Human Resource Management

I. Workplace Diversity
II. Change Management
III. Compensation and Benefits
IV. Recruitment and Selection
V. Training and Development

X. Human Resource Audit and Control
a. Introduction to Human Resource Audit and Control

b. Objectives of Human Resource Audit

c. Approaches of Human Resource Audit

d. Scope of Human Resource Audit

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Career Options

Human Resource (HR) is an important business function of any organization concerned with managing the most important assets, i.e. people; which are in turn responsible for activating all other resrouces. HR department requires a team of members responsible for different tasks & activities in the HR department. This offers multiple career avenues in the HR stream. Below are the most common positions in a HR department.

Human Resources Executive, Assistant Human Resources Manager, Human Resources Manager, Human Resource Administrator, Human Resources Specialist, Human Resources Officer, Recruitment Officer, Assistant Recruitment Manager, Recruitment Manager, Recruitment Consultant, Employee Benefits In-charge, Assistant Employee Benefits Manager, Employee Benefits Manager, Labor Relations Manager, Assistant Labor Relations Manager, Labor Relations Officer, Assistant Industrial Relations Manager, Industrial Relations Manager, Assistant Compensation Manager, Compensation Manager, Payroll In-Charge, Payroll Officer, Assistant Payroll Manager, Payroll Manager, Payroll Administrator, Employee Health and Safety Officer, Personnel Services Administrator, Assistant Personnel Services Manager, Personnel Services Manager, Assistant Training and Development Manager, Training and Development Manager, Training and Development Officer, Career Consultant and many more job profiles where Human Resources knowledge would be required.

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