Specialized Certification in International Business (SCIB)

The SCIB course offers you a comprehensive understanding of the global business environment. The International Business knowledge is a must in today’s age where geographical boundaries do not limit businesses anymore & as a business manager, it is essential that you are ready to capitalize on foreign business opportunities.

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Specialized Certification in International Business

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Course Description

Specialized Certification in International Business Online Course

Are you ready to join the new age workforce required by today’s business? With more and more brands looking outside their national territory, the demand for experts in international business is sky-rocketing!

The concepts of globalization and international business have been there for over 5 decades, but the steep rise in the access to internet and e-commerce over the past two decades has boosted the opportunities for businesses to go international and explore opportunities in foreign markets. The outbreak of COVID-19 further strengthened the importance of selling online, within and beyond local market.

International Business is a study of business from a foreign market perspective and encompasses all peculiarities, methods and policies of conducting business in an international environment. Since, every country has its unique set of rules and regulations, different cultures, varied market dynamics, and competition levels, it certainly requires a different approach of business than the standard business. The international business online course has been developed to offer you a wholistic understanding of this approach.

The Specialized Certification in International Business course will take you through the ABCs of conducting business in foreign markets. Learn about the impact of globalization, importance of international business and different organizational models. Next, you will learn how to enter a foreign market, along with its challenges and ways to overcome those challenges. Then you will gain expertise in international trading strategies, for import and export. Furthermore, understand how international marketing is different from marketing for local markets, and develop a marketing mix for foreign markets. Finally, get a 360 degrees perspective into the world of international finance and economics – monetary and fiscal policies, RTAs, financial markets like FOREX, credit / bond markets, etc. We will also talk about one of the most important topic in this subject, i.e. Foreign Direct Investments.

By the end of this International Business online course, you will be prepared to confidently conduct business in an international environment.

Learning Outcomes


Learn the fundamental concepts of international business and different organizational models


Formulate an international business strategy considering various market entry modes


Discover about global sourcing, supply chain and logistics


Understand international trade including export strategies and import strategies


Conduct market research and develop a marketing mix to cater to international markets


Get familiar with international economics – monetary and fiscal policies and trade agreements


Identify internationally acceptable financial and accounting standards


List sources of raising finance from international financial markets


Get to know everything about FDIs along with factors propelling overseas investments


Tackle challenges that may arise in conducting international business


Course Syllabus

Specialized Certification in International Business Online Course

I. Introduction to International Business

a. Definition of International Business

b. Concepts of International Business

I. International Trade

II. International Business

III. International Marketing

c. Why International Business?

d. International Business VS Domestic Business

e. Importance of International Business

f. International Business and Globalization

I. Driving Forces of Globalization

II. Views on Globalization

g. International Marketplace

h. International Business Organization Models

I. International Company

II. Multinational Company

III. Global Company

IV. Transnational Company

i. Characteristics of International Business Organization Models

II. International Business Strategy

a. Factors influencing in Choice of Market Entry Mode

b. Modes of Entering Foreign Markets

I. Exporting

II. Licensing

III. Franchising

IV. Contracting

V. Joint Ventures

VI. Collaborations

VII. Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs)

VIII. Mergers and Acquisitions

IX. Takeovers

X. Turnkey Projects

XI. Piggybacking

XII. Greenfield Investments

c. Leveraging Resources and Capabilities

d. Outsourcing and Offshoring

e. Global Sourcing and Logistics

III. International Trade

a. Forms of International Trade

I. Inter-firm Trade

II. Intra-firm Trade

III. Inter-Governmental Trade

b. International Trade Strategies

I. Export Strategies

– Characteristics of Export

– Developing Export Strategy

– Types of Exporters

– Benefits of Export

– Export Process

II. Import Strategies

– Characteristics of Import

– Developing Import Strategy

– Types of Importers

– Benefits of Import

– Import Process

c. Role of Foreign Trade Agents

d. Free Trade Zones (FTZs)

e. Trading Blocs

IV. International Marketing

a. Definition of International Marketing

b. International Market Research

c. Steps of International Marketing

d. International Marketing Mix

e. Game Changers in International Marketing

V. International Economics

a. Monetary and Fiscal Policies

b. International Institutions

I. International Monetary Funds (IMF)

II. World Trade Organizations (WTO)

III. World Bank

c. Regional Trade Agreements (RTA)

d. Balance of Payments (BOP)

VI. International Finance

a. International Finance and Accounting

b. International Financial Markets

I. Sources of International Finance

II. Types of Financial Markets

– Foreign Exchange (FOREX) Market

– International Money Market

– International Credit Market

– International Bond Market

– International Equity Market

VII. Foreign Direct Investments (FDI)

a. Definition of Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs)

b. Importance of Foreign Direct Investment (FDIs)

c. Trends and Factors Propelling Overseas Investments

d. Types of Foreign Direct Investment (FDIs)

VIII. Challenges in International Business

a. Company Structure

b. Foreign Laws and Regulations

c. International Accounting

d. Pricing Strategy

e. Currency Rates

f. Logistics and Supply Chain

g. Communication and Cultural Differences

h. Environment Protection

i. World Politics

j. Ethical Conduct

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Career Options

International Business knowledge is a basic requirement for most organizations these days with the advent of globalization and fading out of geographical boundaries with E-Commerce. Any business that supplies products / services beyond the national boundaries, would require people with such expertise. It would definitely be expected for assistant managers, managers, senior managers, team leaders, general managers, executive management officials such as CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), CTO (Chief Technical Officer) and COO (Chief Operating Officer) to know everything about conducting business in a global marketplace.

Learning International Business is essential in today’s age, as this knowledge is widely required by all departments in a company dealing with international markets, such as:
– Sales and Business Development
– Marketing and PR
– Supply Chain and Logistics
– Procurement and Buying
– Finance and Accounting
– Human Resources (HR)

Finally, International Business qualification is a great value addition to your portfolio for rising on the organizational ladder and reaching a managerial position.

There are many entrepreneurs and freelance international trading agents who have made small and medium size businesses through their expert knowledge about International Business.

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