Specialized Certification in Marketing Management (SCMM)

The SCMM course is the most comprehensive and compact course available in the market. The course has been specially designed to provide a step-by-step learning experience for beginners, aspiring to become marketing experts. Learn the ABCs of marketing management as this course develops your intellect to become a marketing professional.

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Interactive + eBook

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15-20 Hours


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60 Topics



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Course Description

Specialized Certification in Marketing Management Online Course

Marketing is not just another business function, but a set of systematic activities to develop a sustainable and profitable relationship with customers. A customer-centric business approach determines the success of a business. Marketing enables organizations to understand their customers, create value for them, and communicate the value to the customers in an effective manner.

In today’s world, the success of any organization majorly depends on the excellence of its marketing competencies; since product differentiation is almost impossible given the competitive and dynamic environment. A powerful and effective marketing strategy can almost work like magic in enhancing the performance of a business and achieving its goals and objectives. This marketing management online course imparts you with the knowledge and skills to excel this art of Marketing.

The Specialized Certification in Marketing Management course takes you through the absolute basics of marketing to an intermediate level of expertise. Begin by understanding market environments and consumer behaviors and prepare an appropriate marketing mix; develop marketing plans and finally audit and control the efficiency of your marketing plans. Know the difference between marketing for products and services. Moreover, get familiar with the latest trends in marketing and managing marketing information.

By the end of this marketing management online course, you will be confident and competent to work in the marketing department of any organization.

Learning Outcomes


Learn important fundamentals & functions of Marketing in business


Develop an understanding of the market environment


Analyze consumer behaviour and learn the steps involved in a buying decision


Re-focus from selling products / services to offering value for customers


Formulate a customer-driven marketing strategy


Expert in preparing a powerful marketing mix of 4Ps


Identify the key difference in marketing for products and services


Write a professional marketing plan and program


Ensure controlled implementation of marketing plans and strategies


Discover the new age marketing methods


Course Syllabus

Specialized Certification in Marketing Management Online Course

I. Introduction to Marketing

a. Definition of Marketing

b. Need, Want and Demand

c. Markets and Types

d. Customer Value and Satisfaction

e. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

f. Value Proposition

g. Marketing Objectives

h. Marketing Functions

i. Marketing Process

II. Marketing Environment

a. Introduction to Marketing Environment

b. Factors of Marketing Environment

c. Internal Marketing Environment

d. External Marketing Environment

III. Consumer Behavior

a. Introduction to Consumer Behavior

b. Factors affecting Consumer Behavior

I. Cultural Factors
II. Social Factors
III. Personal Factors
IV. Psychological Factors

c. Black Box Model

d. Buying Process

IV. Marketing Information System (MIS) and Marketing Research

a. Marketing Information

b. Introduction to Marketing Information Systems (MIS)

c. Components of Marketing Information Systems (MIS)

d. Introduction to Marketing Research

e. Steps involved in Marketing Research

V. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

a. Understanding Consumers and Markets

b. Market Segmentation

c. Target Marketing

d. Target Marketing Strategies

e. Product Positioning

VI. Marketing Mix

a. Introduction to Marketing Mix

b. 4Ps of Marketing Mix

I. Product Component

– Product Definition
– Product Levels
– Product Classifications

II. Pricing Component

– Pricing Definition
– Factors considered in Pricing
– Pricing Strategies

III. Place Component

– Place Definition
– Types of Distribution Channels

IV. Promotion Component

– Promotion Definition
– Promotional Activities

VII. Services Marketing

a. Introduction to Services Marketing

b. Important factors of Services Marketing

c. Services Marketing Mix

VIII. Marketing Plan and Program

a. Introduction to Marketing Plan

b. Review of Marketing Elements

c. Contents of Marketing Elements

d. Sample of Marketing Plan

IX. Marketing Audit and Control

a. Need for Marketing Audit and Control

b. Marketing Control Process

c. Marketing Control Tools

I. Annual Plan Control
II. Profitability Control
III. Efficiency Control
IV. Strategic Control

d. Marketing Audit

X. New Age Marketing

a. Introduction to New Age Marketing

b. Mobile Marketing

c. Internet Marketing

I. Display Advertising
II. E-Mail Marketing
III. Social Media Marketing

d. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Search Engine Optimization (SEM)

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Career Options

Marketing is a crucial business function of any organization and requires a team of members responsible for different tasks & activities in the marketing department. This offers multiple career avenues in the marketing stream. Below are the most common positions in a marketing department.

Marketing Executive, Assistant Marketing Manager, Marketing Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Consumer Behavior Analyst, Market Analyst, Market Research Executive, Assistant Market Research Manager, Market Research Manager, Telemarketer, Brand Executive, Assistant Brand Manager, Brand Manager, Sales Executive, Assistant Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Public Relations (PR) Officer, Assistant Public Relations (PR) Manager, Public Relations (PR) Manager, Advertising Account Executive, Advertising Account Assistant, Advertising Account Manager, Advertising Client Acquisition Executive, Advertising Client Acquisition Manager, Advertising Client Retention Executive, Advertising Client Retention Manager, Advertising Media Planner, Advertising Media Buyer, Advertising Copywriter, Digital Media Planner, Digital Media Buyer, Digital Advertising Executive, Digital Advertising Assistant Manager, Digital Advertising Manager, Assistant Creative Director, Creative Director, Integrated Marketing Associate, Integrated Marketing Specialist, Trade Marketing Executive, Trade Marketing Assistant Manager, Trade Marketing Manager, Retail Buying Executive, Retail Buying Assistant Manager, Retail Buying Manager, Retail Merchandise Specialist and many more job profiles where Marketing knowledge would be required.

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