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Course Description

Specialized Certification in Operations Management Online Course

In a business environment, there are infinite processes and systems functioning together every single day in order to effectively transform inputs to outputs. A wide range of activities are performed throughout the journey of products and services, i.e. from deciding on producing / acquiring a product or service to actually supplying / delivering the product or service. All of the operations systems may be actually visualized like a machine, wherein inputs are fed and outputs are generated. Every single process and function in the operations system works like a cog wheel or component of the machine. This means that all the processes are supposed to function smoothly to achieve the desired result.

Operations management is not limited to manufacturing of goods and services, but it deals with many strategic decisions like product design and development, plant location and layout and the most suitable production methods to be adopted. The entire production process is the core responsibility of operations management. While it also takes responsibility for all kinds of material movements in the organization, storage of all types of material resources and transportation of raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods. This field of management requires actions and decisions that play a significant role in the cost-effective functioning of a business. Moreover, the role of operations management in maintaining the established quality standard and offering maintenance services, allows companies to offer the desired value and satisfaction to the customers. This operations management online course imparts you with the knowledge and skills to excel in your role.

The Specialized Certification in Operations Management course offers you extensive learning about production and all relevant concepts. It also covers all the important branches of management within operations management such as materials management, logistics and supply chain management, inventory management, quality management and maintenance management.

By the end of this Operations Management online course, you will be confident and competent to work in the operations department of any organization.

Learning Outcomes


Learn the definition and scope of Operations Management


Understand the detailed steps involved in product design and development process


Comprehend various stages in the product life cycle and most suitable strategies at each stage


Know the most important factors in strategically deciding the best plant location


Discover different types of plant layouts along with pros-and-cons of each type


Learn the functions, objectives and steps involved in production planning and control


Understand the various production methods and processes in detail


Define material management along with core principles applied and classification of different materials


Learn the scope, features and activities of logistics and supply chain management


Recognize the role and objectives of inventory management


Comprehend major types and methods of quality control and management


Discover the various types of maintenance and the importance of maintenance management


Course Syllabus

Specialized Certification in Operations Management Online Course

I. Introduction to Operations Management
a. Introduction to Operations Management

b. Product Industry V/S Service Industry

c. Detailed Study of Operations Management

II. Product Design and Development
a. Introduction to Product Design and Development

b. Considerations for Product Design and Development

c. Features of Product Design and Development

d. Product Life Cycle Stages

e. Product Life Cycle Strategies

f. Steps in Product Design and Development

g. Product Design V/S Product Development

III. Plant Layout and Location Strategy
a. Introduction to Plant Layout and Location Strategy

b. Factors to be considered for Plant Location

c. Meaning of Plant Layout

d. Objectives of Plant Layout

e. Factors influencing Plant Layout

f. Plant Layout Flow Systems

g. Types of Plant Layouts

h. Product Layout – Advantages and Disadvantages

i. Process Layout – Advantages and Disadvantages

IV. Production Planning and Control
a. Introduction to Production Planning and Control

b. Objectives of Production Planning and Control

c. Meaning of Production Planning

d. Strategic Planning for Production

e. Aggregate Planning for Production

f. Production Schedules and Plans (MPS and MRP)

g. Production Planning and Control Process

i. Resource Planning
ii. Routing
iii. Estimating
iv. Scheduling
v. Dispatching
vi. Expediting
vii. Inspecting
viii. Evaluating

h. Important Production Planning and Control Concepts

V. Production Methods and Process Management
a. Introduction to Production Methods and Process Management

b. Production Methods

i. Job Production Method
ii. Batch Production Method
iii. Continuous Production Method
iv. Just-in-Time Production Method

c. Vertical Integration

VI. Materials Management
a. Introduction to Material Management

b. Objectives of Material Management

c. Principles of Material Management

d. Classification of Materials

e. Value Analysis

VII. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
a. Introduction to Logistics

b. Activities of Logistics Department

c. Meaning and Concept of Supply Chain

d. Supply Chain Management

VIII. Inventory Management
a. Introduction to Inventory Management

b. Objectives of Inventory Management

c. Types of Inventory Costs

d. Activities of Inventory Control

e. Meaning of Optimum Stock Level

f. Factors that determine Optimum Stock Level

g. Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)

h. Classification of Inventories

i. Two Bin Inventory System

IX. Quality Management
a. Introduction to Quality Management

b. Quality Management Systems

c. Quality Control (QC)

d. Total Quality Management (TQM)

e. Elements of Total Quality Management (TQM)

f. Six Sigma Quality Management

X. Maintenance Management
a. Introduction to Maintenance Management

b. Importance of Maintenance Management

c. Cost of Maintenance

d. Types of Maintenance Management

e. Maintenance Planning

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Career Options

Operations as a business function has a major impact on the success or failure of any organization as it is related to the most critical activities. Also, operations may vary from industry to industry. Normally, the operations department/s would require caliber with different expertise – inventory, logistics, manufacturing, retail, etc. This results in creation of wide range of opportunities in the organizations.

Operations Executive, Assistant Operations Manager, Operations Manager, Project In-charge, Project Supervisor, Assistant Project Manager, Project Manager, Project Analyst, Distribution In-charge, Distribution Supervisor, Assistant Distribution Manager, Distribution Manager, Store In-charge, Store Supervisor, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Plant Supervisor, Assistant Plant Manager, Plant Manager, Assistant Facilities Manager, Facilities Manager, Assistant Production Planning Manager, Production Planning Manager, Production Controller, Assistant Material Manager, Material Manager, Logistics Supervisor, Assistant Logistics Manager, Logistics Manager, Logistics Analyst, Transport Coordinator, Transport Supervisor, Assistant Transport Manager, Transport Manager, Warehouse In-charge, Warehouse Supervisor, Assistant Warehouse Manager, Warehouse Manager, Inventory Controller, Inventory Analyst, Inventory Supervisor, Assistant Inventory Manager, Inventory Manager, Supply Chain In-Charge, Supply Chain Supervisor, Assistant Supply Chain Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Quality Controller, Assistant Quality Control Manager, Quality Control Manager and many more job profiles where Operations knowledge would be required.

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