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Frequently Asked Questions
Which are the most trending online courses for 2021-25?

The top 5 most important qualifications & skills required by most organization would be as follows:

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Data Sciences
  3. International Business
  4. Business Leadership
  5. E-Commerce / Online Retail Management

There may be a range of other online courses that may be empower with you the skills & knowledge required specific to your industry and work stream, but the above are the most prominent based on the relevance to the latest developments after COVID-19 pandemic.

We suggest you to consider the below two courses:


Which are the most recommended courses after 12th?

Though most of our online courses (with course level I) do not have any prerequisites due to the simple nature & foundation building objective, it would be best if you have completed your education till grade 10.

You may explore all of our courses here.

Which are the most recommended courses after 10th?

Though most of our online courses (with course level I) do not have any prerequisites due to the simple nature & foundation building objective, it would be best if you have completed your education till grade 10.

You may explore all of our courses here.

Do you recommend your online management courses after graduation?

Yes, most of our online management courses can be undertaken after grade 10, based on the course level.

We strongly recommend that you take up a ‘Specialization’ certificate course from Expert Management Training, as it will offer you a competitive edge. In today’s competitive environment, it is key to differentiate yourself through your specialized knowledge & skill set.

Though our specialized courses with certificate do not replace or substitute a degree certificate, it will provide you an edge against candidates with similar qualifications & experience levels.  


Do you offer management courses for working professionals?

Yes, all of our online management courses are suitable for working professional. The courses are designed to suit the modern lifestyle of today offering complete flexibility.

All of our management certification courses can be completed within 15-20 hours and you can choose to study as per your own schedule.

Our objective is to support working professionals to upskill & upgrade their qualifications with our online specialized certification courses.

How to select the best websites for online courses?

When looking for an online courses, there are many important factors that you should consider in order to make the correct decision for you and your career. Check out the below top 10 factors to consider when selecting the best website for online courses:

  1. Specialization
  2. Course Level
  3. Course Content
  4. Learning Schedule & Flexibility
  5. Interactive Learning
  6. Course Delivery Medium
  7. Learning Management System
  8. Course Fees
  9. Course Certification
  10. Course Reviews

We recommend you visit the below great article that would enlighten you with all the necessary points of research you should consider in your process of selecting the best website for online courses with certification.

Top 10 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Online Management Course


Do you offer online courses with certificates free?

Our focus has always been to offer best value for our students, while ensuring that we provide the same at the most competitive prices.

All of our rich content loaded courses with certificates start from USD 49.00 only. You can explore the variety of our courses here.

In order to imbibe confidence in our prospective students, we also have a very friendly and supportive Refunds and Cancellation Policy

How do you support students in the processing of learning & earning a specialized management certification?

Our commitment to our students is to ensure that we support them all the way from selecting the online course of their choice to enrollment, and further hand hold them through the entire learning process till clearing the exam and securing a specialization certification.

You can communicate with our team through chat, emails & even phone calls (on request).

How will I avail my certificate?

Once you have successfully completed an exam, you will be able to download the certificate in PDF format. Also, the certificate will be emailed to you.

How can I get a hard copy of the certificate?

The certificate generated is in very high resolution and optimum for printing. You may print your certificate on a normal A4 size paper and laminate it for best presentation. We strongly recommend you will to print the certificate on certificate paper.

Have you misplaced your copy of certificate?

Don’t worry! You can download the certificate that you have earned on our website at any time and as many number of times from your account. Just login and access your certificates from the Dashboard section.

Is there an expiry for the certificates that I gain?

The certificates that you earn from our website will remain valid for lifetime. If there are any changes in the courses, we shall contact you. You may then study, take an exam and get certified again at no cost.

How do you offer such great online courses with certification at such an affordable price?

Since we are not affiliated to any popular / branded institute who charge thousands of dollars for their courses, in lieu of their brand name. We offer the same quality of education for free but only charge a fee for the certificate. We believe that education is priceless and should be available at an affordable price to everyone across the world.

Is there any accreditation / recognition for the courses?

The courses offered by us are not accredited by any government body or university. Expert Management Training is an autonomous body and the courses are as per the standards developed by us. We offer the best quality education and knowledge that will be helpful to you in your career throughout your life.But what’s knowledge without a proof? So we offer you a certificate for that, allowing you to prove your knowledge and competence. Most organizations hire candidates that are smart enough to prove their competence for the job, as compared to candidates who just have degrees / diplomas / certificates for reputed institutes. So make a wise decision to take up a certificate exam at Expert Management Training and get certified starting at just $ 49.

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