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Top 5 Drivers of International Business in the Post-Pandemic World

As the world returned to some sense of normalcy following the COVID-19 pandemic, the international business space has been witnessing a paradigm shift. We have survived through a phase which was never anticipated and the whole world was unprepared to cope with the challenges posed by the pandemic. Besides the challenges, the pandemic also opened new doors...

5 Ways Business Communication changed since COVID-19 Pandemic

In 2020, the entire world was changed forever by the Covid-19 pandemic. The freedom to travel across the globe, anytime and anywhere was totally curbed. As much as the total world population was disconnected from each other, not only confined within their geographical boundaries but also within the four walls of their home, the business community did find...

Top 10 Factors to consider when Choosing an Online Management Course [2022 Edition]

While there are thousands of online courses being offers; from recognized universities to standalone institutes, from experienced professors to freelancer subject matter experts, deciding on the right course for you can be very overwhelming. Many aspirants almost give up just because of the massive number of courses available on the internet. When looking...

Specialized Management Courses

We offer to you Online Management Courses that will let you achieve your career objectives. We at Expert Management Training work round the clock to develop the best course material for our students from across the world. Expert Management Training is perfect for just anyone – students, executives, managers, entrepreneurs etc. All our specialized...

Determining Your Career Path

The most important decision that an individual has to take is determining his / her career path. Your career shapes your life & future. It is important that you choose a career that benefits you financially, socially & professionally. It is very common of people to choose a wrong career which results in them either getting de-motivated or bored,...